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October 20, 2014



Been drawing a lot of submarines lately.

Also just a reminder that I use Tumblr more frequently these days

Horse Marionette

August 9, 2014



I wish I could build a real version of this horse puppet…. but instead I animated a short cycle.


March 21, 2014


I rediscovered this radio piece by Jeff Cohen while trying to brainstorm an animation exercise. Quickly decided these sisters would be fun to animate and set to work. All the animation is pencil on paper, and the coloring is a mix of Photoshop and TV Paint.


February 10, 2014

I’m finally putting together my portfolio/reel, and over the next couple months I’ll be changing this blog into a more concrete portfolio site. Because I still love the format of blogs, I’ve started a tumblr  for all my drawings/sketches/etc.



December 2, 2013


My friend Emmi recently commissioned me to do a drawing of her dog, Maple. I had been wanting to try playing with comic book  panels – using different shapes and sizes – and Maple was the perfect subject matter for the style. For several weeks Emmi sent me pictures of Maple sleeping on everything, generally in contorted positions, and never with much concern for what she was squishing or pushing out of the way. I thought it would be fun to emphasize this personality trait by pushing and pulling the different panels – letting her body distort the shape all together, or just letting a leg or a tail hang out.

I’ll definitely be trying more panels in the future – they were a lot of fun to play with. Would love to try a short comic too…that might be the next hurdle.



June 25, 2013


Because I’ve been animating so many dogs this year (or maybe because I talk about them so much), friends ask me to draw their dogs more than anything else. This one was especially challenging because of my long-standing fear of watercolor. In the past I’ve used watercolor only after inking the entire drawing, but I didn’t feel that ink would be the right approach for this painting. For the majority of the painting process I was full of anxiety, but I definitely learned more about the medium than I have doing any other piece.

Hopefully more watercolor to come! I’ve had a couple cartoony images in my head for months, and I’m thinking paint might work better than pencil.

Leia’s Gold Bikini

May 11, 2013


In an effort to draw more of the things roaming around in my head, I took the day off  from my film to draw this. I have a couple qualms with the final result, but mostly I’m just excited to be drawings again. I have a list of other pencil tests and illustration ideas I want to try, so hopefully I can keep finding extra time.